To busy Today with Other Work

Sorry everyone for the late post, busy today with other work. Will have to just post the image and run. The image is a sweet looking image. I must say. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

The Monday Bento

So here we have the Monday bento, as you can tell it’s very simple. One reason for this simple bento is because the fridge was runnning on empty. On another note I have just finished my Taxes so things can somewhat get back to normal.

Chicken with Diced Mushrooms

Last night aired the Olympic figure skating event and I knew the wife would watch it. Since the event started at 0000 and I am guessing it would end at 0300. Which meant the wife would only get three hours of sleep. With this thinking in mind I decided to make extra chicken with diced… Continue reading Chicken with Diced Mushrooms

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