You have invested money – now invest a few minutes caring for the meat. It is necessary to wrap meat properly before storing as this helps the meat to retain its juice and flavour. Unwrap fresh meat and place in meat compartment. If you don’t have a special compartment, place meat on a plate and cover loosely with waxed paper, box or plastic film.

The optimal Temperature it store meat in the refrigerator is between 36 to 40 Degrees. All limits of days are base on this range.


Limit of Days for Maximum Quality

Roasts5 - 8 days
Steaks3 - 5 days
Pot Roasts5 -6 days
Stew Meat, Ground Meat, Liver, Heart2 days
Roasts5 - 6 days
Chops and Spareribs3 days
Sausage2 -3 days
Roasts5 days
Chops3 days
Heart, Liver2 days
Roasts5 - 6 days
Chops4 days
Liver, Sweetbreads (cooked)2 days
Cured and Smoked Meats
Hams, Picnics (whole or half)7 days
Ham slices3 days
Bacon5 -7 days
Dried Beef10 - 12 days
Corned Beef5 - 7 days
Tongue6 - 7 days
Cooked Meats
Home-cooked Meats4 days
Hams, Picnics7 days
Wieners4 - 5 days
Cold Cuts3 days