Tips on Freezer Storage

1. Package meat tightly in a moisture vapour proof bag or container made for freezer storage. If the meat is wrapped correct it will help prevent “freezer burn” and keep meat juicy, flavourful.

2. Mark each package or container with the name of the meat; number of pieces for ribs, chops, etc.; and the date. This is to make sure the meat is used within the accepted storage time.

3. Freeze meat at 0 or less. The faster the meat is frozen the better its quality will be retained. Use meat as soon as one can as they do not improve with age unlit wine.

4. Roasts and stew meats may be boned and all excess fat removed to save storage space.

5. Thawing and refreezing is not desirable because it gives an opportunity for increased bacterial action.

6. Do not soak meat in water to hasten thawing. This impairs flavour because of loss of juices.


Limit of Months for Maximum Quality

Beef10 to 12 months
Fresh pork and veal4 to 5 months
Lamb6 to 7 months
Ground meats, Variety Meats(1)3 to 4 months
Fresh pork sausage, bologna, sliced bacon, frankfurtersDo not freeze
Smoked ham, picnic slab bacon3 to 6 weeks
Chicken (ready to cook)6 to 12 months
Turkey (ready to cook)6 to 12 months
Cooked chicken and turkey2 to 3 months
Cooked meats, stew, meat loaves1 to 2 months
Gravy (unthickened)3 to 4 months

This chart gives storage times for properly wrapped meats of good quality, help not more than 10 days as fresh meat before freezing. Times given are limit for top quality.

(1) Variety Meats

Liverfreeze, uncooked
Tonguescan be frozen fresh but better to have them corned or smoked
Brainscooked or uncooked