How many ways to use Mince Chicken in Tomato sauce



Today was the last of the mince chicken in Tomato sauce which the wife created a few days back. I think we used the sauce for at least three different dishes this week.

The wife first used the sauce in penne pasta, which I did not to try. The second time we placed the sauce over rice and added cheese. (There is a photo of my son fanning the bento a few days back). The third time I used the sauce by itself to make pizza toast for my lunch. (Don’t worry I added greens to the pizza toast.) Yesterday’s dinner was the last of mince chicken in tomato sauce, since there was not a lot left. I added chopped cabbage and mushrooms to give it more volume. I served it with rice.

Who would have Imagined that a mince chicken in tomato sauce could be used so many ways.

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