Last Night’s Grilled Chicken Breasts

Well it’s December and it’s not that cold. The daytime temperature is around 15-18 degrees C, whereas the night is around 10 degrees C. All in all it’s alright. For this morning’s bento we have my grilled chicken breasts from last night’s dinner, sweet potatoes, tamagoyaki, some green stuff and rice. I only made two… Continue reading Last Night’s Grilled Chicken Breasts

Lemon Chicken Wings

It’s Wednesday in Japan and we have another colourful bento. There are a few rules in Japan when making a Bento, and one of those rules is to try and use 3 to 4 colours in the bento. The wife has the red tomato, the green cabbage mixed with those small shrimp. White is the… Continue reading Lemon Chicken Wings

Shiso Tamagoyaki

The little one got up early this morning, which meant he wouldn’t let his mother cook. So I helped out in making the bentos. Some of the items were from the day before, which made things quick and easy. In looking through the refrigerator we found Shiso (Beefsteak Plant) and though it might be nice… Continue reading Shiso Tamagoyaki