Changing Daycares

Hello everyone I am sorry as there hasn’t been any new posts. The little one changed daycare’s as of April 1 to a larger one that is government subsidized. Since it is subsidized, we do not have to provide bento’s. Which means there are no more bento photos for the site. Maybe I can talk… Continue reading Changing Daycares

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The Week in Review

Week’s really goes by quickly when one is busy. I decided to do a week in review when it comes to the bentos images. Monday’s bento was left over Karaage from the weekend. Karaage is Japanese Fried Chicken pieces, super easy to make. Marinated the chicken in soy sauce, ginger and sake. I let it… Continue reading The Week in Review

Salmon Flakes over Rice

The wife found the salmon in the fridge, which I was going to use tonight. She pan fried the salmon and then flaked it over the rice. It simple bento for a Friday morning. Busy today so keeping this post short and sweet.