Another rainy Friday and it’s going to be that way all weekend. Typhoon 27 and 28 is the reason we are getting the dark skies and rain, should pass the Kanto region by Saturday and Sunday. There are a few reasons I want the sunlight back in the mornings; one reason is for the morning bento photos. When I use the kitchen lights it makes the photo’s look yellow. You might be thinking that I should to check the white balance. To check the white balance I use a product that is called ExpoDisc, which works great. The problem might be a colour cast from the counter top. Oh the joys of photography.

So on to the bento, Todays menu has my famous Trinidad Chicken wings made for last night’s for dinner. If you are wondering what the mess is above the carrots, its sweet potato. It’s alright. Off to get the shopping done before the typhoons arrive.

Have a great weekend.