Usually Japan has great October weather, but this month has just been typhoon after typhoon, which means lots of rain. The reason I am bringing this up is that it’s affecting my photos. When it’s rainy our kitchen is dark, and I like to use natural sunlight when taking the bento photos. Since it’s dark I am forced to use the kitchen lighting to brighten the bento. I could use flashes, but that would need a larger setup. I have a window of less than 5 minutes; so the quickest thing is to turn on the kitchen lights and balance the whites.

This morning bento is real simple. We have rice with tarako, scrambled eggs with nira, Japanese boiled yam’s and Nikujaga. Usually Nikujaga is done with beef, but since we were all out of beef this morning she used chicken. It doesn’t taste the same but still good. Before I forget she did make boiled sweet potatoes, which he loves.