Chicken with Diced Mushrooms

Last night aired the Olympic figure skating event and I knew the wife would watch it. Since the event started at 0000 and I am guessing it would end at 0300. Which meant the wife would only get three hours of sleep. With this thinking in mind I decided to make extra chicken with diced… Continue reading Chicken with Diced Mushrooms

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So a few days ago I made curry for dinner and as usual I make a lot of it. Most times I make it on a Friday night as to keep left overs for the weekend lunches or dinners. This keeps things quick for weekends. Since the day care does not like when we give… Continue reading Curry

Sandwich Day

It doesn’t happen often that my wife makes sandwich ‘s for lunch. I am guessing she did not have a lot of time this morning as she might have gotten up late. I’ve been busy working on my taxes so haven’t helped much. Why are taxes so difficult? Next year I will hire an accountant.

Tax Season

So not much to say other then it’s a simple bento day and it’s Tax season. So not much time for an update as working on taxes.

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