Is Japan the really SimCity in disguise?

I know it sounds strange but I sometimes feel like I am living in SimCity. We had the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown and Tsunami in 2011, which they are still cleaning. Sakurajima volcano erupt earlier this month. A tornado made its way through Saitama and Chiba prefectures two days ago. Typhoon no.17 is making its… Continue reading Is Japan the really SimCity in disguise?

Tuesday’s Bento

Well it’s Tuesday in Japan and not much is going on unless you count the tornado that set down in Saitama yesterday. 63 people were hurt, but I don’t think anyone died.The TV news video was really something as you saw the roofs being torn off the building. If the bento looks almost the same… Continue reading Tuesday’s Bento

It’s September!

I can’t believe its September already? Where did the summer go? The wife got up early this morning and made potato salad for the bento’s as well as other items. She made a lot of potato salad because she will use it over the next few days. This helps to speed up the creations of… Continue reading It’s September!