It’s the last day of September in Japan and the trees are still green. I picked the last mini tomato on Saturday, so will have to clean the garden this week. Wonder if I should try winter gardening for the first-time? I might not be able to post a lot this week as it’s going to be busy from looking at the schedule.

The wife made her special chicken wings this weekend, which the family loves. For daycare she takes the chicken off the bone, but at home the little monster will only eat the chicken when it’s on the bone. As he want to copy mommy and daddy. You only see the carrots with the chicken in the photo, but there were 4 whole eggs in the dish. During the dinner we finished the eggs. Will talk to her this week and ask if I can place the recipe on the site.

Just a reminder for me to do that book review on Photography Q&A: Real Questions. Real Answers. (Voices That Matter) when I have time.