Upgrading the Bento Box

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We have upgraded the bento box. The teachers explained yesterday, the smaller bento box was difficult to pick up food when using the fork and a larger bento would make it easier. Another reason to upgrade is because he is eating more. Will keep you updated… Continue reading Upgrading the Bento Box

Lemon Chicken Wings

It’s Wednesday in Japan and we have another colourful bento. There are a few rules in Japan when making a Bento, and one of those rules is to try and use 3 to 4 colours in the bento. The wife has the red tomato, the green cabbage mixed with those small shrimp. White is the… Continue reading Lemon Chicken Wings

Autumn Equinox 2013

The holiday yesterday was for the Autumn Equinox. An Equinox occurs twice a year which simply means the day and night is the same length. For me it means we get a holiday for the wife to go shopping. Enjoy the bento photo and will talk tomorrow.