Here we have it, the first Bento after summer vacation. Ya, it’s not too exciting like the great food he was having in Hokkaido, but it’s alright. As for the summer vacation it was a bit crazy, five days before we were going leaving the little guy got hand, foot and mouth disease. The first day in Hokkaido, I had a fever and passed out cold. The next day we went to Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom in Sapporo and spend the day in the water park. The little one just loved it. On the way home from the water park we noticed that he was getting a blister under his lip. So off to the hospital we went, the doctor told us it was a cold sore and gave us some cream, he told us to monitor it. We kept monitoring, but it seemed that it was spreading. As soon as we got back to our area the wife took the little one to see the local skin doctor. It seems that what he had was not a cold sore but something else which they could not translate; I am guessing it was Impetigo, but not sure. Over the past three weeks we visited the hospital 3 times and the doctors 5 times but who’s counting.


As for summer vacation in Hokkaido, it was alright. We were lucky to arrive during the lavender blooming season, and it was beautiful. The farm land of Hokkaido so reminded me of Ontario, minus all the Japanese signs everywhere. I do miss summer back home.